What could be nicer than a beautiful Christmas table centre piece or hall decoration. It does' have to be complicated, sometimes less is more, very chic and sophisticated.

If you want to keep it really simple, take individual stems from one of our Christmas bouquets and put them into 5 or 6 tall glasses and arrange them along the length of your table, surrounded by glittery baubles or confetti.

For a fairly simply display, pick one of our bouquets that suits your colour scheme and decorations best, if you want a silver theme, choose Twilight or a red one either Sparkle or Red Spice.  

All you need to do is to put the ready made bouquet into a glass vase filled with water and strings of silver beads or baubles.  After that you just put some festive candles around the vase or little tea lights in sparkling holders.  Make sure you have at least four to five around it, to balance it out.

If you want to be a little bit more adventurous, buy a plain wreath or round oasis. Order one of our Designer range bouquets like Firelight or Rose and Lily Shimmer, which are full of fabulous festive flowers and sparkling foliage. Cut the stems of the flowers so that they are long enough to push into the wreath, about four or five inches long, depending on the size of the wreath you have bought.  Arrange them in stems of three, so that they cover the whole of the green area along the top and sides of the wreath. When you have finished it, put a large candle into the centre of it, either in a glass vase or on its own, but make sure it is at least four inches proud of the top. 

For the really easiest just put one of our beautiful Christmasy trugs, anywhere that people will see it, to share it's Christmas magic!

Voila, you have your table or hall centre piece sorted out!